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Vastu Consultation

vastu-consultataion.jpgVastu Consultation is a very effective tool of getting answers from Vastu Experts regarding your house, office, factory or a shop.

Whatever is your issue , we have a solution. Right from the stage of planning to buy or rent a new place till suggesting improvement in your existing location , we do it all.

We have divided our services in broadly three catagories

  1. Vastu Opinion :- Very Effective in the case where you have shortlisted some property or investment option. Use this before you put in your hard earned money.                Fees Rs 4100/=
  2. Vastu Consultation for Apartment :- In modern living, where the environment at macro level is highly influenced by many factors beyond our control, micro level energy correction done with empowered remedies can effectively bring in and retain health, wealth, harmony and happiness in the life.  Fees Rs 11500/=
  3. Vastu Consultation for Office:- Get empowered office atmosphere with the help of Vastu where micro level changes create Macro effect in prosperity , peace and overall growth. Fees Rs 11500/=