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Are you trying to figure out your life? Are you curious about your future? Of the many ways to wisdom and to the heart, Numerology is one of the simplest. It is the study of the spiritual qualities of numbers and letters.

There is a reason. Each number has a vibration as well as a distinct energy pattern, and the numbers you were born with - your Birthday and the name on your Birth Certificate - will influence your life forever! Your Numbers will tell you how to get the most out of life - ignore them at your peril! Numerology can help you live successfully, happily and in harmony with yourself and those around you. Every number tells a story. The best thing about numerology is that all you need to know is your birth name and your birth date. Numerology can help us in directing our life towards the right and successful path.

The Power of Numbers

I have always had a fascination with numerology. Numerology is the study of numbers, and how numbers affect our lives. I know there are some people out there who believe it is all just a myth or foolishness, but if you really think about how powerful numbers are involved at controlling our everyday life, you just might open your mind to the thought that numbers and numerology can play a significant role in our lives.

Numbers control our lives. We live our lives based on numbers. In fact, our whole world is run on numbers. Without numbers, we would have no way of managing time. Money would be useless, because it would have no value. There would be no long distance communication.

If you want to know about your


  • - Numerological Spelling of your Name Rs 1500
  • - Your lucky number, Rs 1000
  • - New born baby name,Rs 1500
  • - Product brand name Rs 2500


All that is needed to generate your report is: - Your date of Birth


  • - Your name on your birth Certificate
  • - The name you now use to introduce yourself.
  • - Date of Birth
  • - Time of Birth
  • - Place of birth
  • - Nick Name


Complete Name with the correct spelling that means the way you spell it Your sex, and your question & briefly the reason you would like the analysis done.